Friday, June 18, 2010

Bebek Bengil Diner

Bebek Bengil, similar to Ibu Oka, is a much-mentioned name in the culinary scene in Ubud. Bebek Bengil means dirty duck, and it got its name when one day while the owners were trying to come up with a name for the new restaurant, saw a bunch of ducks walking across the property, leaving behind their muddy duck-prints, making them the first guests of the restaurant. Unfortunately for the ducks, they probably ended up on the dinner plates because the specialty of Bebek Bengil is the crispy duck. :)

We called a day ahead of our lunch reservation to pre-order the "duck special". The duck special was basically roasted duck drenched in a special sauce, it also came with a vegetable side, satay skewers & prawn crackers. I wasn't quite impressed with the duck special, as the duck was on the scrawny side and the meat wasn't particularly tender or juicy. So we decided to order a crispy duck (signature dish) as well to try it out. I liked the crispy duck a lot more, they basically tossed the poor sucker into the deep fryer, and the whole duck was crispy (even the bones) and surprisingly flavorful.

Bebek Bengil Diner is not all about the food, in fact, I think the ambience is more of a winning point than the food itself. If you get a good "hut", you will be enjoying the view of the green paddy field while dining.

After the heavy lunch, I walked by the paddy field to take some photos. It truly was relaxing, I wish I could stay there the entire afternoon provided they add a fan to each hut, and they hire someone to keep swatting away the flies. =)

Bebek Bengil Diner
Tel: 62-361-975489
Padang Tegal - Ubud

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