Monday, January 12, 2009

Barney Greengrass + Snowday

Last Saturday afternoon a bunch of us "yaokuis" (literally means hungry ghosts) ventured into the Upper West Side to visit The Sturgeon King aka Barney Greengrass. This establishment has been around for 100 years, it's an old school deli + restaurant all in one. Now, Barney Greengrass is not just a regular deli, they specialize in smoked fish. Wipe away the image of the kind of deli where you would go for a lunch sandwich, instead, imagine Katz's Deli but a more high-end version and you have *drum roll* Barney Greengrass.

We went a little overboard and ordered a whole lot of food:
- Nova Scotia Salmon Scrambled with Eggs and Onions
- Sturgeon Scrambled with Eggs and Onions
- A Combination of Sturgeon and Nova Scotia Salmon Scrambled with Eggs & Onions
- Matzoh Ball soup
- Challah French Toast
- Latkes with sour cream & apple sauce
- Smoked sable & sturgeon platter
- Carbs! (Bagels & bialys)

They were all great. The matzoh ball soup had "comfort food" written all over it, you could taste the real chicken stock in the soup. As for the eggs, all the variations were great. I've never had latkes before until my friend O.Y. ordered it, it's basically potato pancakes, with sour cream and apple sauce on the side. The challah french toast was not the best I've ever had but it was still awesome, especially for someone with a sweet tooth like me. Total damage to the wallet was close to $40 per person. That's some seriously expensive deli food.

By the time we finished lunch, it started snowing. We decided to weather the cold and went to Central Park to take some pictures/play in the snow. It was FREEZING, but it was fun. We ended the afternoon with tea at Tafu. There's nothing like a cup of warm tea to defrost my fingers & toes. Tafu is a cute little place that serves Japanese tea & Japanese desserts. It's small, and you can only sit along the bar against the window, there were exactly 4 seats in there.

I had a great day -> good food + good friends, I couldn't ask for more...

Barney Greengrass pictures
NYC Snow Day pictures
Tafu pictures

Address: Barney Greengrass,541 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024
Address: Tafu, 569 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022


  1. oh, this Tafu (can only sit along the bar against the window) reminds me of the little Japanese Restaurant in Paris..i went to eat lunch after i was apart with you and ah b from Amsterdam...felt so lost that time..

  2. i LOVEEEE your b&w snowy central park photos (erh, minus those of alf not even BOTHERING to try to jump photos ;p)!!!!