Sunday, January 11, 2009


Tailor is a restaurant tucked in a corner of Soho. It's the brainchild of Sam Mason, the ex-pastry chef at WD-50. If you are familiar with WD-50, you know where this is going. Tailor is a place to go if you want to try "experimental cooking" by exploring the possibilities of sweet & savory combinations. I read some reviews prior to going and they were mixed. I had a feeling that this is the kind of place you either love or hate. But hey, if someone can make me change my mind about mustard ice cream, I'm all up for it!

Started with a foie gras terrine with plum and nasturtium. It was delightful, the sweetness of the plum and the richness of the foie gras terrine was a great combination. I can't recall what the little rice crispy looking thing was, but I remembered liking the texture of it.

My second dish was the skate frites with tater tots, malt vinegar mayo and sweet ketchup. The skate frites was crispy on the top and the fish itself was fresh, soft and had the slightly stringy texture of skate. The tater tots were also great, though it's hard to screw up tater tots. I thought the description of "sweet ketchup" was a little bit strange, I mean, isn't all ketchup sweet? He didn't just invent sweet ketchup, right??

For dessert I had the mango ravioli with black rice ice cream, cilantro and coconut. It was actually a little anti-climatic. It was good, not great. The mango ravioli was interesting texture wise, it's like a thick jello.

All in all, I gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

Address: Tailor, 525 Broome Street | New York, NY, 10013


  1. I am eating my sardine sandwich while reading your blog, what a contrast!

  2. Girl, u are really enjoying life ya!