Friday, June 5, 2009


So I disappeared for a while, took some time off to travel, did some interesting things and now I am back. Took Air France from Paris and landed safely in New York, thank goodness. I was obsessed with the Air France 447 news, still am, it's so puzzling to me. Whatever it was, I just hope that it was over quickly for the people onboard. It made me wonder, if it happened to me, what would be the last thing I would say, and what would be the last thought on my mind...

Anyway, hate to sound so morbid, I am still trying to get my groove back and my appetite back. I had food poisoning in Morocco, not sure what I ate wrong or where I hate it, but for about two days, I couldn't really eat much and my stomach made the weirdest sound. It was so unfortunate because even by the time I got Paris, I really had to force the last bits of the food at Pierre Gagnaire down my throat. I'm happy to report that I am starting to feel hungry again..and strangely, craving Asian food like nobody's business.

I'll be BACK!


  1. Craving after ur holiday?!!!??? hmmm hmmmm

  2. kiss is it still a kiss in casablanca??!!

    u KIN KIN!!