Friday, February 20, 2009

Ed's Lobster Bar

I woke up last Saturday morning and thought to myself "oooo I can sooo eat a big lobster roll right now". I always count my blessings that I can get most kinds of food I want in New York, and double thank goodness that Ed's Lobster Bar is walking distance from my apartment.

There are a few places in New York that serve fantastic lobster rolls, I liked the lobster roll from Lure Fishbar, I've been to The Mermaid Inn & Mary's Fish Camp as well but that was years ago and I have no recollection of the food there (I have very bad long term memory, hence I take a lot of pictures & caption them as much as I can).

So back to Ed's Lobster Bar, I loved the lobster bisque, it was slightly creamy & very flavorful. It came with a couple of lobster raviolis in it so that was extra bonus!

The lobster roll was excellent, especially the sweet roll, which was buttery & soft. The lobster was fresh & perfectly cooked. I asked for tartar sauce for my fries and I got "real" tartar sauce, not the bottled kind.

The linguini with clams was very mediocore, it was way too garlicky & salty for me.

I saw the bartender making fresh muddled lemonade & limeade, and they looked really delicious. I made a mental note to myself to order that the next time. Imagine....a beautiful summer afternoon, a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade, a generous plate or lobster roll...perfection. The only reason I don't go there more often is because it's rather expensive, I mean, it's lobster after all. Anyhoo, Ed's Lobster Bar, two thumbs up!

Ed's Lobster Bar

Address: Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street (& Spring), New York, NY 10012


  1. one of our favorite lobster bars in NYC as well! :)

  2. ok, put this as my food visit when visit NY :P

  3. Arhh... you make me hungry!!! I love lobster bisque too!