Friday, February 27, 2009

Mary had a little lamb? 小肥羊

Hot pot ("steamboat") restaurants are something I wish I can easily find in New York City. Besides Quickly Shabu Shabu on Grand Street, which is decent but very small, I can't recall a hot pot restaurant that I really like in New York until....*drum roll*.....Little Lamb hot pot restaurant in Flushing came into the picture.

Little Lamb hot pot restaurant is great in many ways - the fresh meat, the amazing sauces & the most important, the SOUP!

When I went there a few weeks ago with a bunch of friends, we ordered a pot of plain herbal soup, and a pot of half & half. The half & half was half herbal soup & half sichuan spicy soup. The Sichuan spicy soup was as usual, very spicy, filled with peppercorns. My favorite was the herbal soup, it reminded me of the herbal 六味汤 my grandmother used to make.

We ordered the lamb meat, pork & beef, and they were all fresh. The lamb meat in particuarly was very tasty. My evil friends also ordered the "drunken shrimp", but luckily we didn't eat it alive. Drunken shrimp is a dish originated from China, the shrimps are often eaten alive, but stunned in strong alcohol (according to Wiki). The waiter brought out the shrimps in a plate, he then put a lid over it and slowly poured the alcohol into the small hole on the lid. The shrimps were all jumping around, I didn't really want to look because for once, I actually felt a little guilty sending them to their deaths. Once they were heavily intoxicated (about 15 minutes of shrimp-struggling later), we poured them into the hot pot to cooked it briefly. I have to say, as soon as I tasted the shrimp, my guilt was out of the door! They were very sweet, very fresh & very drunk.

On a side note, I am currently developing an addiction to the lamb skewers from the Xinjiang (an autonomous region in the North West of China) Barbeque cart on 38th Avenue, near Main Street (by the Flushing public library). The lamb meat is fatty, tender and smoky. And for $1 per skewer, you really can't go wrong.

Little Lamb Photos
Address: Little Lamb Hot Pot, 36-45 Main St, New York, NY 11354

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