Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aburiya Kinnosuke

Aburiya Kinnosuke, Yakitori Torys & Yakitori Totto are Japanese robata grill restaurants owned by the same restauranteurs. Of all 3 establishments, Aburiya is my favorite because it has the most extensive menu (I think...). Also, they take reservations. Totto's & Tory's on the other hand do not accept reservations during peak hours.

Robata grilling is a form of Japanese barbecue method which is simple and rustic. At Aburiya, a pile of charcoal is built on top of a sand pit, and instead of grilling above the fire, they stick the skewers into the sand around the charcoal, and the ingredients are slowly roasted/grilled vertically for 20-25 minutes.

I loved the tsukune (grilled ground chicken), they brought us a raw egg and we poured the raw egg over the lightly marinated tsukune, and it was heavenly...

The kurobuta (black peppered bershire pork) was slightly fatty and had a great texture and flavor. The mushroom was very smokey and juicy.

We also ordered the homemade cold tofu, which was simple & clean.

The kakuni (organic berkshire pork with brown sugar soju) was soft with equal lean and fatty part, and it required very little chewing, it just melted in my mouth....mmm....

I also had the miso & houba leaf special on the shichirin grill over bincho-tan charcoal. The sichirin grill is basically a small portable grill, and the binchotan charcoal is also called "white charcoal" which produces little smoke (COOL!!) and apparently quite costly. They brought out the fish (can't remember for the life of me what fish it was) and the grilling process was really fun. Although it didn't have the same smokey taste of the robata grill, it was very tasty with the miso and scallions.

Address: Aburiya Kinnosuke,213 East 45th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), New York, NY 10017

I ordered other stuff at Aburiya Kinnosuke, and the rest of the photos are here.

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