Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fette Sau & Engagment News (not mine)

Just heard from two of my friends that they are engaged! What great news, I am so happy for them. I also wonder where JL will have her wedding...Texas? BK, start planning your USA trip. ;)

Last night, I finally fulfilled my Fette Sau craving! We rode the "satay car" into Williamsburg, and when we got there, there was already a line (@ 5:30pm)!

We ordered a tray of food, and it looked glorious!! We had the beef cheeks, pulled pork, spicy berkshire pork sausages & black angus briskets (my favorite of the night). Too bad the pork belly wasn't available yesterday, I had it the last time I went to Fette Sau, it was sinful but worth every single calorie I consumed. If you are wondering why the meat looked so burnt, no worries, we weren't consuming cancer, it was the spices & rubs they used for the meat. Imagine espresso rubbed I get your attention now?

Fetty Sau is owned by the same folks who owned Spuyten Duyvil, a beer bar across the street favored by many. Fette Sau means Fat Pig in German, if you are a vegetarian, there's no point coming to this place. Even the baked beans and collard greens (which were truly to-die-for) were cooked with meat. Sorry no dice, maybe you can chew on the pickles they get from Gus' Pickles from the Lower East side and guzzle down some beers. They have a great variety of beers on tap, and an absurb selection of whiskey & bourbon. Fetty Sau has a rustic feel with it's wooden picnic tables and wooden benches in the airy space, which was once a garage. Check out the wall painted with cuts of meat (below).

Ahhh Fette Sau, I.WILL.BE.BACK...

Address: Fette Sau, 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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