Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Such a pain in the back...

I've been having lower back pain for the last few weeks and it worsen over the last two. Last week I sneezed and was in a lot of pain after and couldn't move for a day. Anyway, long story short, today I visited a pain management doctor (fancy title) and he confirmed my suspicion of herniation in my disc. In fact, he thought I might have two herniated discs....UGHHHHH....I was only mentally prepared for a doctor's consult but before I knew it, I was lying face down with two drips (anesthetic) in my left arm and I vaguely remembered a needle going into my back with slight discomfort, and then a chaser of steroid injection.

So what does a girl do when she feels defeated?? Simple, OD on something sweet! I was walking towards the subway to go home and saw Magnolia Bakery and figured why not?!! They were making the red velvet cupcake when I walked in so I HAD to get one. I also got the banana cream pudding, which to me, is better than their cupcakes. I would rate the red velvet 8 out of 10, the icing was less heavy and sweet than Buttercup Bake Shop, but the cake itself was not as moist in comparison. It was also quite small, and they charge $3 for it....but whatever, it was the pick-me-up that I needed.

So next up is an MRI, I hope I am not claustrophobic. As a side note, I was googling my doctor to check out his credentials because he seems rather young, and I found him on facebook and friendster with pictures of his shirtless. Mildly disturbing.... But who am I to judge, at least he assured me that he will try to get me back in tip top shape and he will do everything he can to prevent me from having to go under the knife.

This is why I called this post "such a pain in the back", literally...