Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hot pot 火锅 party

Last Friday my friends and I were at Salumeria Rosi (which deserves a post by itself) for dinner and I said to HC "dude, when are you having another hot pot party?", and HC organized one right on the spot for dinner the next day (such a good sport).

We arrived the next day and the hot pot dinner was glorious, we had a lot of food and I ate myself silly.

After dinner, we had dessert - our invention of ice-cream+presecco and sorbet+moscato. My favorite was the mango sorbet with moscato. Sounds a bit gross but it was very yummy!

I've concluded that with our current gloomy economic situation, the best way to enjoy the weekend is to have a BYOB house party such as last Saturday - we filled our stomach, put our liver to work, watched various things on youtube and did some spontaneous karaoke-ing, it was fun and we didn't break our banks.

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