Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong)

I call this place the "New Jersey Tofu Soup" place. The restaurant name is so nondescript that I don't even know what it's called until I went for the second time and took a picture of the restaurant sign. My favorite yaokui friends S&G took me to this place end of last year/earlier this year and I absolutely loved it.

This is one of those places you need a car to get to it, and there is always a line outside. Once you get there, get a number, and soon someone will call your number, but don't be too happy because it doesn't mean your table is ready. Instead, they will take your order. They basically only serve two things: Korean tofu soup (soondubu), and bbq short ribs (kalbi). MUST ORDER THE KALBI! For the tofu soup, you can pick what it comes with (either beef or pork or kimchi or mushrooms etc.), the second thing you need to specify is the spice level. I ordered medium spicy both times and it was perfect, any spicier I think I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much because my tongue would be numbed out, and I would start perspiring like I was eating on the roadside in South East Asia.

This place has simple decor, you don't go there to hang out or linger. They are pretty militant about getting people in, serving the food, and getting people out. Once you sit down, the food is pretty much served right away. I love how "streamline" they are, to me, this is by far the best Korean tofu soup & kalbi restaurant in the Tri-state area.

Address: Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong), 130 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024.

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  1. Had a chance to visit this place just before I left NYC and I love it too!! We ordered 1 medium spicy and 1 spicier (forgot what was the rating, heh) and the spicier one was really too numbing!!! Ended up ordering another completely non spicy one for my friend who can't take spicy food! So after trying 3 levels, I definitely agree that the medium spicy is the best!! ;ppp

    I went there like half hour before it closes on a Saturday (or Sunday, I can't rem) night and there was still a queue!! But not too long a wait ;p