Friday, July 24, 2009

Governors Island Food Adventure

Last Saturday was City on Water Day at Governors Day, it sounded like a fun event, there were free ferry rides from Manhattan, but what really caught my eyes were the words "Delicious food from Vendy Award winning vendors from the Street Vendor Project", absolute music to my ears.

I dragged S&G along with me, we got to the Governors Island ferry terminal at around noon and the line was pretty long, we waited for about an hour for a 5 minute ferry ride. Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day, by the time we got to Governors Island, we spotted the first street vendor cart - Veronica's Kitchen, which is usually parked at Financial District. We got the jerk chicken, curry shrimp & oxtail platter with various sidedishes. The service was uber slow, and a lot of their side dishes were gone, but we were happy we got a variety of stuff. Thumbs up on the oxtail and jerk chicken. The oxtail was flavorful, and the jerk chicken was well-spiced. The curry shrimp on the other hand wasn't impressive, the shrimps were not fresh and the curry was diluted.

We also got some arepas from the famous "Arepa Lady" from Jackson Heights (she has a myspace page, how cool). The Arepa Lady cart apparently caters to the late night crowd on Fridays & Saturdays from 10pm to 5am. Just a side note, she used to be a lawyer and a judge...WHOAH! We got the arepa de queso, which was thicker and smaller, stuffed with melted cheese & topped with more grated cheese. The other one was the corn arepa, arepa de choclo, it was flatter & wider with grated cheese in the middle. I absolutely LOVED the arepas, they both had the savoury sweet taste that I have a weakness for, and the texture of both arepas were amazing. We also got the skewered sausages, which came with smaller arepitas, but I was not that impressed with those.

We wanted to try more stuff, the Kwik Meal cart & Dosa cart were there as well but we were stuffed. We took a quick walk around and caught the ferry back to Manhattan. There were a lot of free activites/events that sounded fun, I'll definitely be back next year, I hope the street vendors come back as well!

As I rode back to Manhattan, I was admiring the skyline of downtown Manhattan. Beautiful, isn't it?

All Governors Island photos here.

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