Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I wish they have this in NYC

In-n-out burger!

My last trip to SF, I demanded that my best friend take me to in-n-out burger. Upon arrival, I told her "What do you want? I'll jump down the car and get it". She looked at me like I am a caveman and said "Huh? Why do you need to jump down? It's a drive-thru". Holy macaroons, have I lived in New York for so long that I forget drive-thrus exist?? Anyway, we both spent a good 5 minutes laughing about my ignorance.

So why is In-n-out burger so good? Well, it's $2.10 for a cheeseburger, the burger patty was thin, but I loved the generous lettuce & tomatoes on it. These weren't the typical fast food half dead lettuce & tomatoes, these lettuce & tomatoes looked freshly cut. Is this as good as my favorite Shake Shack burger? Well, in terms of quality, it's inferior to Shake Shack. But in terms of price, it beats Shake Shack, hands down. I call it a tie.


  1. hahaha! also kinda makes you wonder how "lazy" we become if we can't even walk to the damn window and get our own food!

  2. I guess when the convenience is there (such as a drive-thru), it's natural to take advantage of it. I am glad I live in NYC and I'm forced to walk a lot (you would know, miss skinny), these days people spend too much time in the car.