Thursday, October 15, 2009


My friend Helen introduced me to this place after a shopping outing in Chelsea last week. Pinto looked like a pretty fancy place from the outside, it's small but the decor is quite pretty, modern minimalist-chic. They even have their restaurant logo on their dishware. I thought it would be a pricey place but turned out the price was pretty reasonable. My favorites from there was:

Braised leg of lamb with massamam curry & crispy potato. This was excellent! The lamb was really tender & flavorful, the curry was creamy & really fragrant. I loved it!

My second favorite was the appetizer special, roast pork satay. It was glazed with a sweet sauce, again, quite juicy & flavorful. However, the sticky rice that came with it though was disappointing, it was hard as a rock when it was cold & I suspected that it was old and they microwaved it.

The shrimp & herb dumplings with truffle oil infused soy sauce was good as far as dumplings go.

The crab fried rice baked in young coconut was quite normal. It looked pretty but it was a little bit on the bland side.

The crispy chicken wok tossed with cashew, macadamia, almond, peanut & chesnut in chili jam and asian kale was probably my least favorite. It sounded quite fancy but the sauce didn't really do it for me.

The two desserts we ordered - cheesecake & chocolate cake were both great. We all had a satisfying meal there. They also serve some really nice looking cocktails. I'll definitely go back again to try other things on the menu.

Address: Pinto, 118 Christopher Street (between Bleecker St. & Bedford St.), New York NY 10014.

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