Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marco! Polo! (I like stinky ice cream)

A few years ago, my best friend who lives in South Bay shoved a tub of durian ice cream to my face when I visited her. Since then, whenever I am in SF, I NEED to get my fix of durian ice cream at Marco Polo. This little ice cream parlor has a really outdated signage, but don't be fooled, the gelato is so creamy it's out of this world!

It's very difficult to find durian desserts in America because the smell is so pungent (some say stinky) and it's one of those "love it-hate it" type of fruit. The durian gelato at Marco Polo has real chunks of durians, it's like eating frozen durian but better. The first spoonful is so good it makes me emotionally levitate. They also have other more exotic flavors of ice creams such as jackfruit, mango, taro, red bean, black sesame, and yuzu. I also read that the lychee gelato is amazing!

Address: Marco Polo, 1447 Taraval Street(between 24th Ave & 25th Ave), San Francisco, CA 94116

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