Monday, May 18, 2009

Cupcake tasting party

My friend "Cher" decided to organize a cupcake tasting party last weekend in conjunction with her birthday, what a brilliant idea! I LOVE cupcakes, and my girl friends and I are always talking about which bakery has the best cupcakes, so why not sample them all in one night?

Isn't it an overwhelming sight??? We had cupcakes from nine different bakeries, they were from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery (Lower East Side), Amy's Bread (various NYC locations), Billy's Bakery (Chelsea), Dessert Club Chikalicious (East Village), Two Little Red Hens (UES), Butterlane Cupcakes (East Village), Tribeca Treats (well, Tribeca), Kyotofu (Hells Kitchen), Sage American Kitchen (Long Island City).

We tasted and voted the best of the best, and the result was...*drum roll*....
1. Chikalicious (also my personal favorite, the key was in the icing, it was light & fluffy, not too sweet, and the cake was perfectly moist).
2. Butterlane Cupcakes (another one of my top choice - I usually go there and ask them to pick a fresh cupcake from the oven, they lather on the icing and I gobble it down quickly because the icing will start to melt as the cake is warm. Icing is slightly sweeter than Chikalicious).
3. Tribeca Treats (small dainty cupcakes with pretty icing toppings, the cakes were a little dry compared to the first two).
4. Kyotofu (last weekend was the first time I had Kyotofu cupcakes and the green tea cupcakes were divine. No icing on top, but the cakes were dense & moist, the chocolate one was also amazing, I believe they sprinkled salt in it because it was savory sweet).

This is such fun that I think we need to organize more tasting events, maybe fried chicken, gelato, cheese etc...