Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Azuri Cafe falafel

So the last time I got sidetracked while trying to get falafel from Azuri Cafe, but this time I made it without any detours. My coworker P read rave reviews about Azuri Cafe online and as usual, we gathered a few more people and went on a food-hunt.

Azuri Cafe is a small place on 51st Street, I will categorize this as a "gourmet" falafel place. I ordered the falafel sandwich which was recommended in the reviews I read, and the guy behind the counter started to "assemble" my sandwich. He stuffed a piece of falafel inside the pita bread, added a bit of cucumbers, a bit of tomatoes, a bit of onions. Then he stuffed another piece of falafel, then he added some lettuce, some mixed vege, some green was quite fun to watch how meticulous he was.

The falafel was really tasty, all the condiments they put in there really gave it the extra flavors. The pita was fresh, the only thing I wish was for the falafel to be warm. All in all, I liked it, it was definitely a cheap & satifying lunch.

Address: 465 W 51st St (between 9th and 20th Ave), New York, NY 10019

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