Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craving Truck

Seems like all my recents posts are all related to food trucks. Today the buzz in the office was NYC Cravings Truck. Working in midtown, hunting down food trucks for lunch is as exciting as things get around here. In my last post about the Top 10 food truck in America, Cravings Truck was listed and I vouched to hunt it down and try the food, and I did, today (yay!).

The lunch box comes with two pieces of deep fried chicken, minced pork sauce (with 5 spice powder), and pickled vegetables. I added a tea egg, and the whole thing was $8. The food was pretty good, the portion was generous, the fried chicken was flavorful. All in all I was pretty satisfied, although I wish they've given me more sauce. They park their truck on different spots on different days, best to follow them on twitter to find out exactly where they are on a daily basis.

In terms of Taiwanese style fried chicken or fried pork rice, my favorite is Wah Mei (used to be Mei Wah) in Chinatown (190, Hester Street). When I worked in downtown, I used to order from them or walked there to pick up for lunch. I haven't been there in a good 3 years, perhaps one of these days, I need to re-visit to see if they've kept up the standard.

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  1. this makes me drool! i LOVE taiwanese style fried chicken!!