Friday, August 28, 2009


I sometimes wonder, how many more gimmicks can David Chang throw at us, and when will be stop biting the bait. Well, I don't know when but at least not this time. One of Chang's latest crazy adventure was the Fried Chicken Dinner at momofuku noodle bar. The description on the website reads: two whole fried chickens, one southern style and one korean style – mu shu pancakes, long spicy peppers, baby carrots, red ball radishes, shiso leaves, bibb lettuce, four sauces and an assortment of herbs.

Our resident chef Nick got us a reservation at 11:55pm on a Friday night (oh lord, fried chicken dinner at midnight, I really need to start working out). I was watching "Julie & Julia" prior to the fried chicken dinner and my stomach was growling all through the movie and by the time I got to Momofuku noodle bar, my friends were already there and they shoved the roasted oxtail infront me and said 'OMG you have to try this'. The 'omg' part was absolutely necessary because it really was tasty. Next up, the humongous platter of fried chicken showed up. I have to admit the chicken was really fresh, very moist & flavorful. I can't really say which one is better either, they were both good & different. They gave me a bunch of condiments that you can eat with your fried chicken, but I thought the fried chicken was good enough to hold its own. The only caveat is that it costs $100/platter, so bring friends!

We also ordered the roasted rice cakes with roasted onions, red chili pepper, sesame. I really liked this, it reminded of a hawker dish - "chee cheong funn" from Malaysia.

We packed up the rest of the chicken in the box for Gan who couldn't make it, and we finished off the night (by then 1:30a.m.) with the angel food cake & strawberry lemonade soft serve. The strawberry lemonade soft serve totally hit the spot, there were some kind of crumbly clusters in there that made it even better.

Address: Momofuku Noodle Bar, 171 First Avenue (btwn 10th & 11th Street), New Yor, NY 10003.


  1. Are you serious? A hundred bucks for two chickens. Yikes. But my stomach is making some serious noises, right now, that sound like it wants some.

  2. No no, a hundred bucks for a whole plate of chicken that can feed up to $8. The next time you are in NYC, I have to take you to "Mad for Chicken" - korean fried chicken, it's amazing!!