Sunday, August 30, 2009


Spotted: Scott Conant (Executive Chef of Scarpetta) in his fancy jacket at Apiary one Thursday evening attending a birthday party. Someone hired a lady dressed as a bunny to sing to the unidentified birthday man. My guess is they are people from the culinary world.

Apiary is a relatively new restaurant, the kitchen is handled by Scott Bryan, ex-chef at Veritas. The restaurant decor is simple yet chic, somewhat cheerful with fun fixtures like the one below.

From Sundays to Thursdays, there is a three-course pre-fix dinner menu for $35. I started my pre-fix dinner with the Tuscan mushroom soup with sour dough croutons & parmesan. I loved it, it's not the typical creamy mushroom soup, instead it was a tomato-based soup with heaps of mushrooms, I called this the summer version of the classic mushroom soup. This was simple but done to perfection.

For entrée, I ordered the Atlantic skate with smoked bacon razor clam chowder, corn, tarragon. I found this too heavily salted, the portion was gigantic though (two large pieces of skate fillet). Everyone who ordered the skate agreed that it was too salty.

I ordered the blackberry financier for dessert, and I really liked it. I haven't had a financier dessert in ages, this one wasn't the fluffy version, it's cakey but in a good way. They added fresh blackberries & blackferry sauce & some creme fraiche, very yummy.

I was really really full from dinner, my friend who ordered the duck for entree liked it. If I do go to Apiary again, I'll swap the skate for duck.

Address: Apiary, 60 3rd Avenue (& 11th Street), New York NY

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  1. My duck was so kecil compared to everyone's portions! But nvm.. I had room for dessert :)